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Acies Ideal Collapsible Foam Roller for Travel & Exercise – Deep Tissue Foam Roller for Muscles and Back, Compact Travel…

COMPACT DESIGN - With the Acies Ideal interlocking and sturdy design, this small foam roller easily snaps into a compact size that is ideal for travel and portability. When in extended mode, the foam roller withstands high performance exercises for both advanced and novice athletes. MULTIPURPOSE - Whether you need a roller for muscle recovery, injury prevention or for the gym, the Acies Ideal massage roller is made to suit your needs. With its foldable surface, the roller successfully hits trigger points that stimulates muscles, increases blodflow and improves flexibility. ANTI-SLIP SURFACE - Exercise comfortably knowing your collapsible roller will rotate in line with your body movements. Each pressure pad is made of solid soft rubber with a low durometer count that gently triggers the deep tissue pressure points in your muscles.