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Monument Phenom 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller – Myofascial Recovery | Release Tension, Stiff Sore Muscles; Enhance…

ATTACK POST WORKOUT SORENESS: Tired of feeling sore after a CrossFit WOD or gym workout? This is the perfect tool to combat soreness. Preprogrammed frequencies allow the gel molded foam nodules to drive the vibration right into where you need it the most. The pulsations combined with rolling help flush out metabolites helping rejuvenate your sore muscles and decrease muscle tension. EXTRA FIRM DEEP TISSUE DESIGN: Carefully designed taking your body’s anatomy and biomechanics into account. This is the only vibrating fitness roller that allows you to roll out your sore back muscles while supporting your spine. The dual function spine grove was also designed to roll out your Achilles tendon reducing tension from one of the most commonly injured areas in all sports. SIMPLE TO USE: Designed specifically to help you recover faster, avoid injury, and increase mobility. With just 3 vibration frequencies scientifically backed to decrease recovery time, we make it easy for any athlete from elite to amateur to hit your fitness and athletic performance goals. Just turn it on and start rolling against the foam to relieve your stiff, achy, sore muscles.