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KoreHealth Vibrating Foam Roller – KoreSurge Deep Tissue Massager Muscle Roller & Back Roller for Whole Body Fitness…

FOAM ROLLER ENHANCED WITH VIBRATION THERAPY - KoreSurge combines the benefits of myofascial release with localized vibration therapy. This creates an advanced massage system that helps your muscles heal and grow. You’ll see results up to 3x faster than from a standard foam rolling massage. Add this to your home essentials if you are into sports, crossfit, dance, pilates, or other activities. FIGHT BACK AGAINST MUSCLE & JOINT PAIN - KoreSurge sends waves of intense vibration through your muscles to stimulate your trigger points and unlock painful knots. The multi-density grid surface digs deep to massage the layers of overworked muscle below the surface, releasing tension and relieving soreness. The perfect addition to your home exercise equipment. HOME WORKOUT RECOVERY TOOL - KoreSurge helps you train harder and get more out of every workout in your home gym, outside, or anywhere else you like to workout. Roll out your muscles before exercising to increase circulation and prevent strain injuries. Roll out after exercising to help your muscles recover faster and relieve post-workout soreness.